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Guiding Principles

over 2 years ago


It is the mission of Benson Schools to provide a safe and welcoming learning community that prepares students to be competitive and productive citizens.


• We uphold traditional values such as: honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic.

• Respect is fundamental. Everyone in our school community is expected to treat others with respect.

• Benson Schools belong to the community. Connections and partnerships with the community are highly valued.

• We take pride in our past and honor the tradition of excellence established by our students and staff.

• We expect all students to be challenged and to perform at their highest level.

• We expect our students to continue their education. Post-secondary education may include trade and technical school, apprenticeships or college.

• Student activities promote success now and in the future. Student organizations, athletics and other extracurricular activities are essential.

• Quality staff is the foundation of successful schools. We are dedicated to finding, developing, and retaining people who model our values and guiding principles.

• Small classes provide the best environment for students and teachers.

• Our facilities and technology should reflect the high value we place on education.

• We respect the right of parents to make choices regarding their child's education. We are dedicated to making Benson Schools the best choice for all students.

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